By Tau Phosphoros

  • Apostolic Church of the Pleroma Clergy Handbook

  • The ACP Clergy Handbook is an invaluable tool for Gnostic clergy in formation. It is a useful reference book for all levels of clergy, and a fascinating glimpse into Gnostic theology, exegesis, history, and liturgical practice for anyone interested in ecclesiastical Gnosticism. Included are liturgies, theurgic operations, theoretical studies, and a comprehensive outline of the entire Minor Orders curriculum. Also includes the full text of The Kybalion and the Sepher Yetzirah.

  • Apostolic Church of the Pleroma Lectionary for Mass

  • The ACP Lectionary contains three complete years of full-text liturgical readings for Sundays and other select Feast Days. This lectionary is intended for use with The Holy Gnostic Liturgy of the Pleromic Light (included), but may be easily adapted for use within other Gnostic liturgies

  • The Pleromic Light Unveiled: An Instructive Monograph on the Holy Gnostic Liturgy of the Pleromic Light
    This short treatise examines the history, practice, and doctrine of the principal liturgy of the Apostolic Church of the Pleroma. Herein, Tau Phosphoros briefly explores each portion of the Mass, from the Preliminary Rites to the Dismissal, offering important practical notes and useful insights into its history, application, and the esoteric principles underlying each section. This work will be of great benefit to both the members of clergy who are celebrating or assisting in the Mass, and the congregants participating in its benediction.

    Works Translated by Tau Phosphoros and Others

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    Grand Marvelous Secrets by Abbé Julio
    Translated and introduced by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 0-9768893-9-0

    This work is the first volume of the 3-part opus of Abbé Julio. Contained within are prayers, blessings, Psalms, and exorcisms for all types of conditions, diseases, demonic oppression and possession, and for every physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The operations for every case are meticulously indexed in the back of this rare tome, available in its entirety in English for the first time.

    Liturgical Prayers by Abbé Julio
    Translated and introduced by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 978-0-9973101-0-8

    This is the second volume of the 3-part work of the influential French priest-healer of fin-de-siècle, Abbé Julio. This work contains many rare prayers, litanies and novenas, as well as the full liturgical calendar of both the Roman Church and of Abbé Julio's Eglise Catholique Française, inherited from the famous French-American bishop Joseph-René Vilatte. As with the first volume, the prayers, novenas, healing operations, etc. for every possible case are well indexed. Also included are the prayers of the Mass in English and Latin, special masses, marriage and funerary rites, etc., etc.

    The Secret Book of Grand Exorcisms and Benedictions by Abbé Julio
    Translated and introduced by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 978-0-9973101-1-5

    This third and final installment of the magnum opus of Archbishop Metropolitan Julien-Ernest Houssay, a.k.a. the Abbé Julio, returns to the style of the first volume, of which it is the direct complement. The many powerful prayers, blessings, healing operations, etc., in both English and Latin, including Latin Psalms, are a true treasure trove for the priest-healer and student of Catholic theurgy and thaumaturgy. Much of the work of Abbé Julio has been cited and "borrowed" by other authors and by the secret schools of theurgic training, almost always without giving credit to the Abbé Julio who, while not necessarily the author or inventor of all these formulas, which are drawn largely from incredibly ancient Latin benedictionals, was certainly responsible for presenting them to the French-speaking world. These three volumes are an absolute must-have for every Christian theurgist, ordained and lay alike.

    Marvelous Prayers by Abbé Julio
    Translated by Tau Bruno Ⅱ
    ISBN: 978-1-946814-01-2

    Abbé Julio: His Life, His Work, His Doctrine by Robert Ambelain
    Translated and introduced by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 978-0-9973101-2-2

    This concise work by the late bishop Robert Ambelain gives the details of the remarkable life and work of Abbé Julio, from hero of the Franco-Prussian War, to ostracized priest of the Roman Catholic Church, to priest-healer extraordinaire and archbishop metropolitan of the Eglise Catholique Française. In addition to the historical brief, Ambelain also gives a thoughtful exposition of the doctrine of Abbé Julio, arguing convincingly for a neo-Origenian theology. Also included are 15 of Abbé Julio's most powerful prayers, making this work not only informative, but practical. This is a great primer for anyone not familiar with Abbé Julio's life and works, and a valuable addition to the library of every current follower of the preeminent priest-healer.

    Catechism for Use by the Eglise Catholique Française by Ferdinand-François Chatel
    Translated and introduced by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 978-0-9973101-3-9

    This curious little work of Bishop Chatel is presented in both English and French. This work lays out the doctrine of Chatel's Eglise Catholique Française, a short-lived Gallican movement that was definitively suppressed by the French government in the 1840's. This ECF has nothing to do with Vilatte's later church of the same name.

    On the Soul: Three Works on the Nature, Origin, and Destiny of the Human Soul by Papus
    Translated and introduced by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 978-1-946814-00-5

    This special compilation collects three previously untranslated works by Papus:
    - The Human Soul Before Birth and After Death (1898) is a fascinating exegesis on the Amélineau translation of the Pistis Sophia.
    - How Is the Human Being Constituted? (1900) offers a thorough summary of the constituent parts of the human being: body, soul, and spirit, examining the unique function of each and how they work together to form a cohesive whole.
    - What Becomes of Our Dead (1914), written in the midst of the horrors of the First World War, makes a contemplative analysis of the faculties and evolution of the human soul.
    This volume is a must-have for every Gnostic and Martinist.

    This short work was originally published not long after the death of Jean Sempé, the faith-healer who greatly influenced the life work of Abbé Julio. This work contains several powerful prayers, most of which Abbé Julio would later incorporate into this three-volume opus. This book is a great introduction to the powerful healing prayers utilized by Abbé Julio and Jean Sempé before him.

    The Gnostic Tree by Tau Synesius
    Translated and introduced by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 978-1-946814-07-4

    The Gnostic Tree is a brief but fascinating and informative overview of the Gnostic tradtion, from antiquity up to the date of its publication in 1899. Here, Tau Synesius examines the well known branches of the first centuries of the Christian era and of the Middle Ages, as well as some obscurities oft-overlooked by modern writers on the subject. Today's Gnostics of every ilk will treasure this rare and importnat work from our common ancestor.

    The Little Religions of Paris by Jules Bois
    Translated by Tau Phosphoros
    ISBN: 978-1-946814-08-1

    In The Little Religions of Paris French author, journalist, and playwright Jules Bois briefly examines some of the lesser-known religious sects percolating in the environs of fin-de-siècle Paris. Originally published in 1894, this work surveys such movements as the Theosophists, the Buddhists, the Swedenborgians, and of course the Gnostics. Even included herein are the Humanist cult of sociology pioneer Auguste Comte, and the later-discredited Palladian conspiracy of Leo Taxil, as well as several other interesting groups. This small volume provides an important snapshot of religious thought in the belle époch.

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